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Accessing your Super

When can I access my Super?  This is probably one of the top 5 questions that people ask when they think about their Superannuation account.

In simple terms, you can only access your superannuation balance if you meet a condition of release.  The main condition of release is attaining age 65.  However, if you are under 65 years of age, this does not mean that you cannot access your Super.  It just means that strict conditions apply.

You can generally access your super money if you satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Attaining age 65.
  2. Reaching your Preservation Age and ceasing employment.
    • Preservation age is 55 for those born before 1 July, 1960.
    • For those born after 1 July, 1960 and before 1 July, 1964, preservation age can be 55, 56, 57, 58 or 59 depending on your date of birth.
    • For those born after 1 July, 1964, preservation age is 60.
  3. Starting a Transition-to-Retirement Pension.
  4. You have unrestricted non-preserved benefits.
  5. Your preserved account balance is worth less than $200.
  6. You are suffering from severe financial hardship and are on Centrelink benefits for a least 26 continuous weeks.
  7. Compassionate grounds.
  8. You are suffering a terminal medical condition.
  9. You are a temporary resident and leave Australia permanently.
  10. You are suffering from a Permanent disability or permanent incapacity.
  11. You are suffering from a temporary incapacity.
  12. Upon death.

In all cases, you must adhere to strict legislative requirements and put the appropriate paperwork in place.  If you need to access your Superannuation benefits, call our office today on 07 3394 4622 to discuss your options.

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